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with Connirae Andreas


If you are interested in spirituality, personal growth, NLP, or you just want a way to deal with stress that actually works, then this training is for you...

The Wholeness Process is a new program developed by Connirae Andreas, which emerged from modeling esoteric spiritual teachings. Beginning with the question, "What is enlightenment?" and, "How does one get there?" She created a precise and practical method that can be easily learned and applied.

Experience the Magic of a seasoned NLP Master Trainer, who is a worldwide leader in the field of NLP and self-development, along with developing processes which have stood the test of time.

Connirae describes The Wholeness Process as, "A gentle and natural process that meets you where you are, allowing you to make a natural shift." She also explains how, "When people use this method they relax at a deeper level than they have before, and in an integrative way. As you're evolving as a person, you're able to sleep better too."

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Connirae Andreas training 

The Wholeness Process

When used as a personal practice this process naturally brings about greater integration and wholeness. The foundations of this process come from modeling esoteric spiritual teachings (on what is enlightenment and how to get there) into a precise and practical method that can be easily applied to any situation.

What you will Learn:

Day One:

The Wholeness Process

  • Learn the basic Wholeness Process and discover and dissolve what is known as “the ego." This specific pattern guides you through transforming core life issues. 
  • You will learn specifically how to use this process for sleep. Some report life-long sleep issues have been resolved quickly. 
  • You will also learn how to adapt this process to be used as a meditation, as well as how to use it “in the moment." 

Day Two:
Integrating the Inner Authority 

  • You will learn an incredibly useful pattern for coming into a natural sense of “flow” in your life without the need to please others or gain their approval.

Drawing on a wide-range of experiences (such as guilt, embarrassment, shame, need for approval or to please others) this method works with a different aspect of your psychic structure that is reached by allowing the ego to dissolve. Then, these things become gifts, enabling you to come to greater wholeness. 

This workshop is experiential; it begins with a demonstration of each process with volunteers, then in pairs you will have an opportunity to do the process with time for questions and answers.


By attending this 2-day training you will also:

  • Transform emotional triggers you may have with others, so you can resolve issues quickly
  • Create greater resiliency and joy in your life
  • Resolve deep issues and transform your most challenging obstacles into opportunities
  • Adapt a daily practice to enhance your creativity and compassion
  • Learn to do what people who fall asleep easily and sleep soundly do unconsciously
  • Get consistent results in resolving sleep issues for yourself and others
  • Learn to be free from drama and experience a deeper sense of calm, not only in challenging situations, but in everyday life
  • Discover and integrate any "shadow pieces" for a richer, more complete life
  • Relate to others in any situation with greater ease
  • A deep relaxation and reseting of your nervous system, which will allow you to deal with stress in a healthier way
  • Greater access to your natural wisdom and creativity

Optional Third Day

Prerequisite: the 2-day in-person Wholeness Training.

On day three we will explore variations of the Wholeness Work that there isn’t time to cover in the 2-day Program. When you understand this method well enough, there is essentially always a way to gently and effectively work toward resolution of issues, and/or in our own natural evolution. Included will be, how to notice and effectively work with the coping mechanisms we all tend to develop as we move through life, noticing and working with roles and identities in this very direct way and other subtle forms of inner division that can be challenging to notice.


What People Say about the Wholeness Process

 "I was facing a high-stress situation that affected my ability to think clearly, engage with people, sleep… The process helped me gain a perspective that both opened my heart and allowed me to feel more peaceful, even neutral. I went from feeling jittery to feeling level, and was then able to be a better resource to myself and to others in that same situation." — Nonprofit Executive Director, NLP Master Practitioner

“It was different than I’ve ever done before. I know something shifted. My goal was not to procrastinate. I wasn’t doing things I knew I needed to do, that were kind of painful to me to do. But now I’ve been just finding myself just doing things unconsciously. And that’s really very fulfilling.

"Also, I’ve been very tolerant, very at peace. I’m more easy-going. In the past I used to get really tense and anxious, and I would get irritated and intense. [Now], at work I just focus on what I need to do to help students. Today was an exception (to the change) because today I got a little tense, but for the most part since last time I talked with you it’s been great, and I just wanted to share that with you. I’ve been really happy with the outcome. I’m totally different.

“Another thing too, is I’m sleeping well; I’m sleeping much better.”  — High School Principal, NLP Master Practitioner

“[After doing the Wholeness Process with this issue] I wasn’t looking for the acceptance and recognition from others in the office, as I did before. And yesterday my girlfriend started arguing with me, and I noticed I didn’t feel attacked. It was nice because before I felt her arguing was like an attack to me, like disapproval from her of me. Now it’s totally different. I was calm, and I didn’t react. I didn’t have the need to defend myself.” — Engineer

“I’ve felt a really big difference. I can deal with conflict better, and I feel creative about how I deal with things. I can sleep more soundly, more solidly. Before I would often wake up and things would be on my mind, bothering me. If I do this process I am peaceful before going to sleep, and then I sleep a lot better.”  — Senior in college dealing with grad school applications & interviews

“It’s made a difference at home and at work. I’m just not being dragged into dramas as easily. I have the feeling It will work out fine.' Things don’t pop up as much. And when they do it’s easier to deal with. It’s easier to relax.” — Single mother of two children


Connirae AndreasConnirae Andreas, PhD, has been teaching, developing, and writing in the field of NLP since the late 70′s. She is perhaps most well known for her groundbreaking work developing the Core Transformation Process.  Connirae works with a growing network of Core Transformation Trainers internationally.  She is currently finishing a book on her new process, Coming to Wholeness. It works in the same direction as Core Transformation, yet the path is unique. The Wholeness Process is her modeling of a specific spiritual teaching, making it a doable method for anyone. As with Core Transformation it leads to a wellbeing within that makes life easier and more joyful. Other developments from Connirae include Aligning Perceptual Positions, and her work in Advanced Language Patterns.

“The Wholeness Process is something I have been exploring myself for 7 years, and have been teaching to others over the past 4 years. It’s at a place now that I’m ready to make it available more widely.”

Wholeness Process


Summer 2018 TBD


10:00am to 5:30pm


Courtyard Marriott
1300 Veterans Blvd.
S. San Francisco, CA 94080
Room reservations: 650.871.4100


Two-day program: $350

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"The wellbeing that comes through this process isn't dependent upon success, or having the right relationship, etc. And yet when we are living from this kind of authentic wellbeing, life does tend to go better. We can more naturally make a valued contribution in the world, and we more easily attract people we want to be around, (and enjoy those we might not have enjoyed previously)." - Connirae Andreas on The Wholeness Process

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